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Jim Moore astride Widow Maker riding the famed Outlaw Trail near the infamous Hole in the Wall in Wyoming.
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      It's estimated that over four thousand Westerns were filmed between 1913 - 1930.  As a result, the traditions of the cowboy and his horse have become those most readily identified with America by much
of the world.  
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      The early Western traditions coalesced in the first two decades of the 20th century as a number of mostly rodeo-stars and real-life cowboys including, G.M. "Broncho Billy" Anderson, Tom Mix, Art Acord, Buck JonesKen Maynard, Tim McCoy and Hoot Gibson joined eastern stage-trained actors like William S. Hart and Harry Carey in dedicating their careers to celluloid.  

     Generally these stars made films 
that followed simple, dime-novel 
story formulas and the horse became
an important member of the cast, receiving billing equal to that of the cowboy.  While the most obvious benefit of horses in the early movies was simply they added beauty and companionship.  However, the movie horse received his greatest fame as a co-star of the B Westerns and in many cases, the horse made the man.  Out of all the B Western's singing cowboys and cinematic heros, none became lasting stars without the accompaniment of a famed steed.

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