Legends of the Silver Screen
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Legends of the Silver Screen
The Lone Ranger
Tom Mix
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          Clayton Moore
September 14, 1914 - December 28, 1999
with Tony the Wonder Horse
Today, regardless of super heroes and spacemen, there is a period in every child's life when a cowboy on a galloping horse is the most exciting vision imaginable.
Gene Autry
"Queen of the West"
Oct. 31, 1912 - Feb. 7, 2001
The Villains
   King  of the Cowboys
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LEGENDS - Pages 1, 2
  Long after the American frontier experienced geographical and cultural changes, the symbol of the mythical West continues to be the Cowboy and his Horse.  That image still inspires us and has been permanentely etched in our consciousness through stories, music, art...and the moving image....
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